World’s Largest Jellyfish (WFOTD)

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The largest jellyfish ever discovered was a Lion’s Mane jellyfish. It had a bell (body) with a diameter of 2.3 m (7 feet 6 inches) and tentacles 36.5 m (120 feet) in length. It was found washed up on the shore of Massachusetts Bay in 1870.

To put that into perspective, the largest blue whale ever recorded was a mere 110 feet long.

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World’s Oldest Woman is 130 Years Old

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(Youtube Link)

A Georgian television station says it has located the world’s oldest woman. The station says that documents show that Antisa Khvichava was born in 1880, making her 130 years old – the oldest living person by almost two decades.

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How Long Can You Hold Your Breath? (WFOTD)

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How long can you hold your breath? Well, the average person can hold their breath for around 1 minute, however there is one man who defies human lung capacity, and that is David Merlini.

David Merlini, 31, is an escape artist from Budapest who has broken several World Records for holding his breath while underwater. For his latest World Record, Merlini held his breath for 21 minutes and 29 seconds underwater at the starting line of the Sakhir Circuit at the 2009 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix.

So how can you hold your breath for longer? Well it all comes down to health and practice. A slower heart rate consumes less oxygen, a healthy body uses oxygen more efficiently and practice can increase your lung capacity. All of these combined can help increase how long you can hold your breath for, just in case you ever needed to do such a thing. I’m feeling breathless just writing about this.

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Stuntman Smashes Motorcycle Jump Record – Twice!

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American, Seth Enslow has broken the world record for the longest motorcycle jump, and if that wasn’t good enough, he then went and broke the record again after the media missed the first one.

Seth was due to attempt the stunt at 9:30am near Australia’s Sydney Harbour, but instead he took off at 8:45am, and landed an incredible 175ft (53.34m) jump on his Harley-Davidson XR1200. However, only around a third of the media were in attendance at this early stage, so he was forced to do it again, and this time he went even further – an unbelievable 183.7ft (56m) to smash the previous record, which had stood for 11 years, by more than 25 feet.

(Youtube Link)

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New World’s Shorted Man Contender

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An 18-year-old is heading to Europe to get his name in the Guinness Book of Records after claiming that he is the world’s smallest man.

Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is only 22 inches (56 centimeters) tall, left his homeland of Nepal on Sunday, bound for Italy to campaign for the record. Once in Italy, his father, Rup Bahadur Thapa, will decide on their next destination.

The current record is held by China’s He Pingping, who is a relatively large 29 inches (73 centimeters) tall. Second’s not that bad is it, Pingping?


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Couple Become World’s Oldest Divorcees Aged 98

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Oldest Divorcees

A British couple have become the oldest couple in the world to divorce, aged 98.

Bertie and Jessie Wood, who got married in 1972, filed for divorce 36 years later, just 2 years short of their 100th birthdays.

Their relationship faltered in 2008, when they were both aged 97, and a decree absolute is believed to have been granted subsequently.

According to neighbours of the former couple, Mrs Wood now lives in a care home. Unfortunately, Mr Wood, however, died shortly before he turned 99.


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World’s Smallest Mother to Give Birth For the Third Time

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Smallest Mother

The world’s smallest mother is about to give birth for the third time, despite warnings she is risking her life.

Stacey Herald who is just 2ft 4ins tall, from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, has already defied doctors to have two healthy babies, and her third is due in the next four weeks.

But despite all the obstacles, Mrs Herald and her husband, who is 5ft 9ins, and a trainee priest, say they want even more children.

The couple met in 2000 while working for a supermarket in their home town and were desperate for a family after marrying in 2004.
But doctors warned Mrs Herald a baby would grow so large inside her tiny body it would eventually crush her organs.

Eight months later, the couple were thrilled when they discovered Mrs Herald was pregnant and decided to go ahead even though family and doctors begged them to reconsider.


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World’s Smallest Working Model Train Set

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Small Model Train Set

Here is the world’s smallest working model train set, which measures 1/8th of an inch by 1/4 of an inch.

Model train enthusiast, David Smith created the 1-35200 scale train set, which features a five-carriage train traveling around an oval route, with a ride through a tunnel, using just a craft knife and a very steady hand.

Powered by a standard two-inch-long rotating motor head and carved out of mouldable plastic, the model train cost Mr Smith just over £6 to make. Accompanied with a powerful telescope and it’s the perfect gift for Christmas.

(Youtube Link)

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There’s A New World’s Fattest Man

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worlds fattest man

The new world’s heaviest man is a Brit who has ballooned to 70 stone (980 pounds).

Paul Mason, 48, who lives in Ipswich eats 20,000 calories of food a day, which is eight times the official adult male average of 2,500. Unfortunately, his compulsive eating disorder, which left him “super-obese”, means he needs a £20,000 life-saving operation.


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Man With The Strongest Fingers In The World

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strong fingers

Fu Bingli, a kung fu master from China, officially has the strongest fingers in the world.

Bingli, who can stand upside down supporting himself on just one index finger, scooped the Guinness world record on Monday, for completing 12 press ups on just one finger of his right hand.

His amazing finger strength has come from 32 years of training.

“I’ve been training since I was seven years old and my index finger has as much strength in it as most people’s entire body,” said Fu.

Impressive as that is, there’s only one true test of finger strength – “One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war” … or not.

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World’s Tallest Cat

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Worlds Tallest Cat

Take a look at this F1 Savannah, which has claimed the world record for the tallest of her species.

18 month old Scarlett’s Magic measures 43.43 centimetres (17.1 inches) from shoulder to toe, and she’s now also awaiting the result on a second nomination as the longest (tip of the nose to tip of the tail) domestic cat.

According to Scarlett’s Magic owner, Kim Draper, Savannahs are becoming increasingly popular in California due to their unique appearance and learning abilities.

“They are active animals, they like to play, they like to be near their owners and family,” says Kim.

“Savannahs are for people who want a really unique pet and this is as close to a wild cat as you can get in the state of California.”


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The World’s Smallest Man Makes a Wish For His 18th Birthday

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Worlds Smallest Man

Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 2ft tall and has just turned 18 has wished for two things: to be officially recognised by the Guiness World Records and to find a wife.

The teenager is a full head and shoulders shorter than He Pingping of China, who at 2ft 5in is the current holder of the world’s smallest man title. He is now waiting for official recognition from Guinness World Records.

His other wish is to find a wife of a similar stature to marry.

“When I am officially recognised as the smallest man in the world I expect to get lots of proposals.”

I’m sure you will Khagendra, and I’d love to come to the wedding. Is it wrong of me to be imagining a doll house church? How cute! Seriously though, I hope it goes to plan for you Mr Magar. It’s not all about size now, is it?


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World Record Pumpkin Weighs 1,725 Pounds

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Huge Pumpkin

It’s coming up to Halloween, and that means pumpkins, however there’s one pumpkin that puts all others to shame – it weighs 1,725 pounds!

The gigantic pumpkin was grown by Christy Harp – a math teacher from Ohio. Mrs Harp and her husband Nick, grow pumpkins on their family farm, each year engaging in friendly competition.

“Last year he beat me by 200 pounds. This year I beat him by 400 pounds,” she said. “Very good year! My pumpkin, my side of the patch! We separate the patch and never step foot on the other side!”

At one point in August, Mrs Harp said, her prize-winning pumpkin was growing 33 pounds per day.

The previous record holding pumpkin was a mere 1,689-pound specimen grown in 2007 by Joe Jutras of North Scituate, RI.


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World’s Largest Paintbrush

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big paintbrush

Chinese artist He Wenjun decided to make some very, very big art – and to do that, he built the biggest paintbrush in the world.

The brush, which is 12ft long and weighs 115lbs, was used to create traditional calligraphy in a special exhibition in Nanchong, southern China.

The artist says he built the brush himself using hair from the tails of 300 horses – and claims it can soak up enough ink to add more than 100lbs to the brush’s weight.


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World’s Largest Bread and Butter Pudding

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bread and butter pudding

Save some space for dessert guys, because the world’s largest bread and butter pudding has just been baked, and it’s huge!

The pudding was created to celebrate British Food Fortnight and involved seven chefs, 1,000 slices of bread, 70 apples and 56 whole eggs. It measures 7ft by 5ft!

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World’s Biggest Online Choir

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(Youtube Link)

This is the world’s biggest online choir. Interested in joining? Check out for more details on how to submit your song.

I’d like to see this group become huge. A bit more work on the syncing and it could be great.

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The World’s Tallest Horse

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The Worlds Tallest Horse

What you see before you is (unofficially) the tallest horse in the world. Poe the Clydesdale has been measured by his owner, Shereen Thompson, at 20.2 hands (80.8 inches), and now she wants the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm it.

It is believed that Poe, who is 10-years-old and lives on a farm in a farm in Tupperville, Ontario, will beat the previous record of Remington, from Princeton in Texas who measures a mere 80 inches.

Poe weighs 3000lb (1.5 tons), stands 10 feet tall with head raised, and consumes two bales of hay, 10lb of grain and 75 gallons of water each day.

The huge Clydesdale used to work as a dray horse in London, Ontario, pulling a cart filled with crates of beer. Now Miss Thompson displays the equine giant to amazed onlookers.
She said: “We take him to fairs across Lambton County.

“He is extremely popular, but his size always means people keep a cautious distance from him – although they shoudn’t, as he is a real puppy.

“But he does sometime forget his strength and drags me along if he wants to play or go chasing something that has caught his attention.”

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Fastest Time To Recite All 50 U.S. States Whilst Being Hit On The Head With Wooden Spoons

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(Youtube Link)

Aside from having one of the longest titles in the history of this website, this is also one of the strangest things that I have ever seen.

Everyone wants to be a world record holder, and these guys have got the right idea about how to get one. That’s right, you think up the most weird task that nobody has every tried before and voila – new (unofficial) world record.

Brian Pierce & Kellie Michaels set world record for Fastest Time reciting the United States in Alphabetical order while being hit on the head with wooden spoons. 21.204 seconds.

Randomness FTW!

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World’s Longest Basketball Shot

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(Youtube Link)

‘Dude Perfect’ is a team of college guys making perfect basketball shots. In their latest video, they make the world’s longest basketball shot from the third deck of Kyle Field, Texas, but is it real or is it fake?

Alfredo from, has kindly made a poll for you to vote and decide. What do you think?

Vote here!

Thanks Alfredo.

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World’s Biggest Burger Weighs in at 185 Pounds

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Biggest Burger

The world’s biggest burger has been unveiled, which weighs in at 185 pounds.

Whilst the bun, which takes 8 hours to make, is being prepared, the burger is baked for 15 hours before it is topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato and wheeled out into the restaurant on a trolley.

Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, Michigan, USA, are selling the enormous meal for $499.

Restaurant owner Steve Mallie said: ”Being in the Guinness World Records book is the greatest accomplishment we’ve ever done.

”I’ve worked my entire life to build this restaurant and being able to have the notoriety of Guinness makes it just that bit more rewarding.”

Now it’s just a question of who’s going to eat it, and pay $499 for the privilege? And we wonder why we are one of the most obese nations on earth. I’ve got to say though, it does look good, doesn’t it? Any takers?


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