New Photoshop Features Preview

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(Youtube Link)

Making Photoshopping easier than ever.

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World’s Most Expensive Television Set

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Here is the world’s most expensive television set. It’s not the size of the screen or some breakthrough technology that’s given it a huge price tag though – it’s because it’s encrusted in diamonds and covered with gold.

British designer, Stuart Hughes will only make a total of three PrestigeHD Supreme Rose televisions. Each set will have a 55-inch screen with a 28kg frame made from solid 18-carat rose gold. The outer frames will be encrusted with 72 round cut one-carat flawless diamonds.

Hundreds of tiny sunstones and amethysts are mixed into the gold frame, while inner frame will be made from hand-sewn alligator skin. As for the price, it’s a whopping £1,500,000 ($2,300,000).

Hughes is also producing 10 cheaper versions of the PrestigeHD Supreme. They will only have 19 kilograms of gold and 48 diamonds, for a price tag of £1 million ($1,500,000). I think I’ll take two.


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Pikachu Cars, I Choose You!

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Whoever had the idea of converting their car into everybody’s favorite Pokémon character, Pikachu, is simply a genius. The attention to detail on these cars are second to none. I’d love it if when you press the horn, it screams out “Pika Pika Pikachu!” What car wouldn’t get out of your way then?


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Never Lose Track Of North With A Compass Table

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(Youtube Link)

Do you find yourself getting lost in your own home? No? Me neither, but this compass table will make sure you never do. If you find you’ve got a load of spare compasses lying around the place, shove them all in a table for storage and have a fantastically creative coffee table that will impress all of your compass-loving friends. Even better, build a lazy susan full of compasses. That’ll keep you entertained all day long, guaranteed.


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Redesigned Geometric Coke Can Won’t Roll Off the Table

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coke can design

Here’s a Coke can design concept that can’t roll off the table. For once, the can is not cylindrical, but instead it’s manufactured by a process called impact extrusion (aluminum is pressed at a high velocity into a mold), which forms geometric shapes. This makes it easier to grip, whilst being unable to roll off a table when placed on its side.

Unique for sure, but can you imagine these in the shops in years to come? Let us know.

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New PS4 Game Console Design

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Designer Tai Chiem, has a clear vision (literally) for the future of the PlayStation, with his PS4 design that’s made from glass.

PS4 1
PS4 2
PS4 3

As the designer expects, the Playstation 4 will sport a high end touch screen rather than glossy body that the current generation gaming console sports. The CD ROM has a sexy placement and a gloss cover that can be customized would definitely be an added advantage, what say? Even the PS4 controllers are designed to perfectly match with the console and will sport a few touch screen options. From the images given, it seems that the gen next Play station will also have an embedded OLED screen, which makes this Playstation 4 game console here twice as cool as expected, right?

Do you like to glass look? It seems everything “futuristic” is made from glass, or is that just me? While some of you, I’m sure, will be drooling over the concept, I’m sure there are others who just won’t “get it”. Would making the PlayStation look this “pretty”, ruin it’s macho image, or would it give it that push it needs to move it into new markets? Or maybe it would just be keeping trend.


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The New Design Is Up!

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Okay guys, so if you follow me on twitter @pigjockey, you may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been working on a new design for the site, and here it is!

It’s completely different from the previous look. It’s cleaner, faster-loading and with a bunch of new features.

Starting from the top, there’s still a search feature so you can browse entries from the archives, however this works through Google now. Moving down, on the sidebar, I’ve kept the RSS/Twitter/Facebook/email subscription links, so please feel free to check them out. Still on the sidebar, there are three little tabs for you to check out recent posts, browse by category or browse the archives by month.

A completely new feature I’ve added is the calendar. If you missed a day, you can click on the link to that individual date and you’ll be presented with all the posts from that day.

Then we come to recent comments. These recent comments are more detailed than the previous ones, so if you make a comment, you’ll be seeing your name and comment there. Just below the recent comments is a tag cloud, so you can browse by tags. The more popular the tag, the bigger it’s font.

You’ll probably have noticed the small “share” button below each post entry. If you hover over, or click it, you’ll see a list of options including email, print and various social media which you can use to share that post. I really appreciate you guys spreading the word whenever you can! Let’s let people know about Pig Jockey.

So that’s just about it. Hopefully you’ll check out all the new features and if you stumble across any errors or problems with the site, I’d be grateful if you could contact me.

Thanks guys.

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2016 Olympics Logos

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Olympic Games 2016 Logos 1

Olympic Games 2016 Logos 2

By October, the International Olympic Committee will name the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The finalists are Chicago, Madrid, Rio, and Tokyo, who have all submitted their prospective logos, but which logo do you think is best?


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Toyota Car Used To Design New Font

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(Youtube Link)

Whether it be advertising, design, or marketing, all car companies try to be creative with their products, however Toyota has taken creativity to a new level. They used their super-mini-compact car to design a font that we can all download and use.

You can download the Toyota iQ font here!

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Apartment Building Built On Water

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Floating Apartment Building

An architect in the Netherlands has created a 60-unit luxury apartment complex floating on water. It is the first floating apartment complex in the world.

Koen Olthuis of Dutch design firm Waterstudio used the fact that much of the Netherlands is below sea level as inspiration for his design. Polders are continually pumped free of the accumulating rainwater in the country to protect nearby homes and buildings. This consequently means that Koen’s compex will simply rise and fall with changing water levels, making it immune to flooding, and rising sea waters as a result of global warming.

Built atop a floating heavy concrete foundation, The Citadel will house 60 luxury apartments, a parking garage, a floating roadway, and boat docks. Each apartment will naturally have waterfront views via a garden terrace, and greenhouses will be interspersed throughout. But the greenest feature of the Citadel is its cooling system: submerged pipes will pump water throughout the structure to cool it, reducing its energy use by 25 percent compared to a conventional building.

I guess you just have to be careful you don’t fall in the drink!



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Ping Pong Door

Posted By Ben Goulding, 19 July, 2009 | permalink

Take a look at this. Are you a table tennis enthusiast, but can’t fit a table tennis table into your home? Well Tobias Fränzel now has a solution. Introducing the ping pong door.

Ping Pong Door. Image: fubiz/Tobias Fränzel

Ping Pong Door. Image: fubiz/Tobias Fränzel

It looks like something from the future, but it is really needed? Surely if you were that desparate to play ping pong, you could just set up a net on your dining room table and save yourself the trouble of a new door.

Contemporary design at its finest…or just silly? Whatever floats your boat I guess…


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