Flame-Thrower Scooter Owner Arrested

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Colin Furze, a plumber who adapted his scooter to shoot 15ft flames from the rear, has been arrested for an alleged firearms offence.

Mr Furze, modified his scooter with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of switch. He was featured in the press, but when police saw the pictures he was arrested and held on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm.

Speaking before his arrest, he said: ”Everybody wants a flame thrower on a motor bike. I don’t need a flame thrower on the back of my bike, I’m not going to set fire to people’s car’s, it’s just something interesting to do.”

The scooter, which was built before Christmas, was Mr Furze’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.


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Convict Digs Her Way Out Of Jail Using A Spoon

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This story doesn’t do much for the PR of Dutch prison guards, but it shows how useful a spoon can be in escaping from a jail cell… Well, it was for this woman anyway.

A convict in the Netherlands has succeeded in breaking out of prison with an escape worthy of the movies: She tunneled her way out — with a spoon.

The public prosecutor’s office confirmed Tuesday that the 35-year-old female prisoner had escaped through a tunnel from a prison in Breda in the southern Netherlands.
The spectacular prison break was made possible because the convict was no longer housed in a regular cell, but in a separate building on the grounds of the detention center where long-term inmates are prepared for their release and are given more freedoms.

The woman’s tunnel began in a cellar under the building’s kitchen, with its entrance concealed by a removable hatch. According to Dutch public broadcaster NOS, the police are assuming that the fugitive had at least one accomplice, who is believed to have loosened paving stones that were part of a sidewalk next to the detention center, allowing the prisoner to emerge from her tunnel.


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‘Irresponsible’ Website Tells Robbers When Victims Are Not Home

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A website which provides real-time updates on the location empty homes has been criticized by privacy campaigners, who say it is ‘irresponsible’ and a “one stop shop” for burglars.

PleaseRobMe.com provides minute-by-minute updates on people who have just left their house and their current location. It does this by tracking Twitter user’s activities in real-time as they tweet.

The Dutch website, which was launched last week, has hit back saying they were simply highlighting the dangers of the newest social networking craze.

So, is this website an aid to robbers or an aid to our safety? Surely everyone knows that there are many potential dangers to using social media, but is providing criminals with a sorted database of opportunities the right way to go about helping us become aware of our privacy?

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Jesus Defeats Armed Robber

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A shopkeeper who was faced with an armed robber sent him running from her store by invoking the name of Jesus.

This CCTV image shows Marian Chadwick ordering the armed robber out of her shop in Frisco, Texas.

Suspect Gabriel Cabello burst into the crafts boutique in January, pointed a gun and demanded money.

But Chadwick simply pointed back and said: ‘In the name of Jesus, you get out of my store. I bind you by the power of the Holy Spirit.’ The robber then slowly backed away, before fleeing the store empty-handed.

‘I got mad. The Texas part of me was challenged,’ Chadwick told the Dallas Morning News.

‘It was just like this whole store filled with the power of God,’ said told local TV station KDFW Fox 4.


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Stupid Criminals Caught Wearing Permanent Marker Disguise

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When God was handing out brains, these guys were definitely at the end of the queue. They came up with the idea of scribbling on their faces with permanent marker to protect their identities when they tried to rob a man’s house in Carroll, Iowa.

Police received a call Friday night that two men with hooded sweatshirts and painted faces had tried to break into a man’s home in Carroll, Iowa.
When police stopped a vehicle matching the caller’s description blocks away, they were stunned by the men’s disguises.
There were no ski masks or stockings pulled over their heads; instead, Matthew Allan McNelly, 23, and Joey Lee Miller, 20, streaked their faces with permanent black marker.


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Father Abducts Daughter’s Killer 27 Years After Her Murder To Get Justice

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andre-bamberskiThis is an extraordinary story about a father who took justice into his own hands after authorities refused to extradite the suspect accused of killing his daughter 27 years ago.

A retired accountant whose daughter was killed 27 years ago was facing charges last night over the alleged abduction of the man he always blamed for her death. The man was left bound, gagged and injured outside a French courtroom.

André Bamberski, 72, is suspected of taking justice into his own hands over the German authorities’ failure to act against Dieter Krombach, a German cardiologist, after a French court convicted him of manslaughter in his absence.

Mr Krombach, 74, was found trussed up with head injuries in a lane near the criminal court in the eastern city of Mulhouse on Sunday after an anonymous caller with an Eastern European accent tipped off police. Mr Bamberski, who is of Polish origin and lives near Toulouse, was in Mulhouse at the weekend and is suspected of making the call, police said.

This father will have been suffering in silence for the past 27 years, and he clearly felt that his daughter had not got justice. Do you support the father’s actions? Put yourself in his shoes, and let us know what you would do.

Link (Photo: Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images)

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A Personal Insight Into The World’s Most Wanted: Osama bin Laden

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Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden’s first wife has given a revealing insight into the complex character of the world’s most wanted man.

In a book to be published at the end of this month, Najwa bin Laden and fourth son, Omar, give a rare glimpse into Bin Laden’s personal life, from a 17-year-old newlywed, up to the 9/11 attacks which he is believed to have masterminded.

Najwa reveals that Bin Laden was a disciplinarian, but in contrast, maintained a passion for sunflowers and a love for fast cars.

She speaks about how his role took the family from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan and at one point, Najwa revealed, to the United States.

“We were only there for only two weeks, and for one of those weeks, Osama was away in Los Angeles to meet with some men in that city,” Najwa told the book’s co-author Jean Sasson, later recalling the gathering was with Azzam. Soon after, Bin Laden began to travel to Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet occupation, returning to tell his sons tales of battles in Afghan caves and mountains under Soviet fire. He eventually returned to Saudi Arabia a hero, but at home was increasingly disciplinarian, punishing his children – who eventually numbered more than a dozen – for transgressions such as “showing too many teeth” while laughing. Meanwhile, Najwa was kept in seclusion with Osama’s new wives, one of whom she picked, in a spartan home without the mod-cons that make life in the stifling desert lands of Saudi Arabia and Sudan more comfortable.

“My father would not allow my mother to turn on the air conditioning that the contractor had built into the apartment building,” Omar relayed. “Neither would he allow her to use the refrigerator that was standing in the kitchen.” Despite this aversion to modern appliances, Bin Laden indulged in his penchant for fast cars, including at least one gold-colored Mercedes. He once even bought a speed boat. “Nothing gave him more satisfaction than having a full day to take a speedy drive to the desert, where he would leave his automobile while he took long walks,” said Najwa. After being forced into exile in Sudan because of his vocal opposition to US troop deployments in Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden would later take pride in growing sunflowers as he dodged assassination plots and built the Al Qaeda network.

“Osama’s favorite undertaking was working the land, growing the best corn and the biggest sunflowers,” Najwa said. But his love of nature was also coloured by growing political fervour. He forced the family to spend nights in the desert, with only dirt as cover from the cold. He also forced his sons to climb desert mountains without water to toughen them ahead of more difficult times. But there were more lighthearted moments with Bin Laden, whom his sons admired as a good horseman, a fluent English speaker – thanks to his school days – and a mathematics whiz. “My father was so well known for the skill that there were times when men would come to our home and ask him to match his wits against a calculator,” Omar said, adding his father usually won. They also spoke about a man who loved eating fruit, particularly mangoes, took two sugars in his tea, whose favourite meal was marrow-stuffed zucchini and who liked to listen to BBC radio.

Via Daily Times

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Woman Arrested For Facebook Poking

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facebook pokeThe Facebook poke – a harmless tool used to interact with your friends, flirt with someone or let someone know you’re thinking about them. Well people, the virtual poke may not be as ‘harmless’ as first thought. In fact someone’s been arrested for doing it.

Granted, Shannon D. Jackson wasn’t arrested last week strictly on charges of abusing Facebook’s most annoying application. In doing so however, the 36-year-old poking perp from Hendersonville, Tenn., violated an order of protection — one that stipulated “no telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner.” Jackson faces up to 11 months, 29 days in jail and a possible fine of up to $2,500.

No doubt Jackson’s offending Facebook poke was just the latest in a long string of harassment, part of which likely occurred in meat space. Alone, the Facebook “Poke” is simply not criminal — though there are plenty of Facebookers who’d gladly join a FB petition group to see such a law enacted.


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85-Year-Old Grandaddy Gunman Fights Parking Ticket

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Man With Gun

85-year-old, Peter J. Reilly from Chicago planned to use fire power to fight a $250 traffic ticket.

He strolled into his local police station to dispute it with the officer at the front desk.

The officer said Reilly pulled a gun from his hat and pointed it at him. After refusing repeated orders drop it, officers came to the lobby and took the gun away from Reilly.

Now parking tickets are annoying, and I can’t blame grandaddy-o for protesting, but since when do cops decide to revoke parking tickets because you point guns at them? Not in my experience anyway…

That’s when police discovered the handgun was … a BB gun. Oh, and the ticket Reilly was contesting? Using an expired permit to park in a handicapped parking space!


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Little Boy Heroically Shoots, Mutilates Burglar

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Little Boy Heroically Shoots, Mutilates Burglar

“8-year-old Lucas Armitage has become a national hero after bravely defending his home by shooting a burglar multiple times in the chest and neck.” — The Onion

You’ve got to love Onion news!

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Super Grandpa Tackles Bank Robber

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(Youtube Link)

I’m sure this masked criminal wasn’t expecting what he came up against when he decided to rob one bank in Wisconsin. Watch extra close to see the lady kicking him whilst he’s down.

And that’s how they do it in the badger state, ladies and gentlemen. Nice work!

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Man Dials 911 Twice A Day To Tell Cops He’s Hungry

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911 calls

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A man has been arrested for calling 911 twice in a day to ask for a ride because he was hungry.

Benjamin Dewer, 26, was charged early Wednesday with making false 911 calls, say police.

The police report notes Dewer was sitting on the sidewalk, drunk. When police drove by he asked them for a ride to a park and told them he was hungry. When police refused, Dewer walked away and called 911 a second time for a ride.

Dewer is now behind bars at the Palm Beach County on a $1000 bond. That’s one expensive lunch!

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Man Changes Identity And Flees Prison

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A man charged with assault escaped from an English prison on Friday after switching his identity with his brother’s.

Simon Maclellan who was on remand at Winchester Prison, walked out when he pretended to be his twin brother who was being held at the same prison for a less serious offense.

Officers only discovered a few hours later that they were holding the wrong man.

Police have arrested a 27 year old man, charged with aiding Maclellan’s escape. Although the man was not named, he is presumably the brother.

An act of genius or a future ‘World’s Dumbest Criminals’ segment? You decide.

[Via Scotsman]

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