Burger King Sells a Windows 7 Whopper

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Burger King Japan

Introducing Burger King Japan’s exclusive Windows 7 Whopper. Yes, a burger with 7 patties, only available for 7 days, and launched at the same time as Windows 7. Anything for a sale, huh?

Via Engadget

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White Wine Could Damage Your Teeth More Than Red

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white wineResearchers from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany, have found that white wine could damage your teeth more than red wine.

They found that years of exposure to white wine could take its toll on the enamel on your teeth due to it’s acidic punch, which erodes enamel far more than reds.

In the lab, adult teeth soaked in white wine for a day had a loss of both calcium and another mineral called phosphorus to depths of up to 60 micrometers in the enamel surface, which the researchers say is significant.

Riesling wines tended to have the greatest impact, having the lowest pH.

A “kinder” tooth choice would be a rich red like a Rioja or a Pinot noir, the Johannes Gutenberg University team found.

So there we have it. If you want to protect those pearly-whites, it may be better to opt for the red wine. Professor Damien Walmsley of the British Dental Association suggests, if you’re going to have a glass of wine, do so with your meal and leave a break of at least 30 minutes afterwards before you brush your teeth and go to bed.

Alternatively, eat cheese with your wine, as the calcium it contains will help counter the effects. Carry round a block in your pocket if you’re going out.


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There’s A New World’s Fattest Man

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worlds fattest man

The new world’s heaviest man is a Brit who has ballooned to 70 stone (980 pounds).

Paul Mason, 48, who lives in Ipswich eats 20,000 calories of food a day, which is eight times the official adult male average of 2,500. Unfortunately, his compulsive eating disorder, which left him “super-obese”, means he needs a £20,000 life-saving operation.


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Man With The Strongest Fingers In The World

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strong fingers

Fu Bingli, a kung fu master from China, officially has the strongest fingers in the world.

Bingli, who can stand upside down supporting himself on just one index finger, scooped the Guinness world record on Monday, for completing 12 press ups on just one finger of his right hand.

His amazing finger strength has come from 32 years of training.

“I’ve been training since I was seven years old and my index finger has as much strength in it as most people’s entire body,” said Fu.

Impressive as that is, there’s only one true test of finger strength – “One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war” … or not.

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Top 10 Teeth Myths That Everyone Still Believes

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Perfect Smile

They say the first thing you notice when you look at a person is their smile, and hence we all want sparkling white, correctly aligned choppers, but many teeth myths stand in our way. Dentalassistingschool uncovers the top 10 teeth myths.

1. All Teeth Whiteners Are The Same: The choices between teeth whitening systems can be overwhelming and include toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips, trays, prescribed whitening agents, and even laser treatments. In reality, all of these treatments have their pro’s and con’s not limited to price and speed of results. The experts at WebMD go over each treatment to help pick what’s right for you.

2. Not Brushing Causes Bad Breath: A partial truth, there are also many other factors for bad breath, or halitosis. When the body ingests unpleasant smelling foods, such as garlic or onions, the odor remains until the body passes the food. Drinkers, smokers, and dieters can also have chronic bad breath.

3. Breath Into Your Hand To See If You Have Bad Breath: This practice will actually only tell you if your hand smells or not. Because different muscles are used to breath and talk, the hand test isn’t exactly accurate. This article from Kids Health discusses the best ways to combat halitosis so that the check isn’t necessary.

4. Leave Wisdom Teeth In Until They Bother You: Once a wisdom tooth has become impacted, or misaligned, it can lead to serious problems such as infection or periodontitis. A good rule to remember is to get them removed earlier, as the procedure is easier and comes with less complications. If unsure about how to proceed, have your dentist take X-rays.

5. ADA Approved Gum Can Be Substituted for Brushing: Although some gums have earned the ADA Seal for their ability to counter a certain dental issue, they do not recommend it in place of brushing. However, they do recommend chewing it in between brushing for conditions such as reducing plaque, promoting tooth enamel, reducing cavities, or combating gingivitis. The American Dental Association has more, including a link to all approved gums.

6. Put Aspirin On An Aching Tooth: Only a good idea if the aspirin is taken orally. Placing it next to the tooth and gums can actually burn the gum tissue. Instead, 1-800-DENTIST recommends rinsing your mouth with warm water or an over the counter antiseptic containing benzocaine and visiting your dentist as soon as possible.

7. Pregnant Women Shouldn’t See The Dentist: With new studies showing that gum disease can affect the unborn baby, women who are pregnant or considering it should definitely see the dentist. In fact, “The Journal of the American Dental Association” found that pregnant women can safely see the dentist and even have local anesthetics at 13 to 21 weeks gestation. However, caution is advised when utilizing X-rays and stronger drugs.

8. Baby Teeth Not That Important: Since they are just going to fall out anyway, why bother? Because tooth neglect at any age can lead to serious health problems, baby teeth should be treated with the same care as adult teeth. In addition, baby teeth that have been neglected can fall out sooner, resulting in crooked or malformed adult teeth.

9. It’s Okay To Swallow Mouthwash: It’s a bacteria killer, so why not? About 90 percent of mouthwashes contain high levels of alcohol, also known as a carcinogen, which is not meant to be ingested. It is also more dangerous for children and shouldn’t be given to those under twelve and with supervision after. The long terms affects of swallowing mouthwash can be dangerous and should be avoided.

10. Mostly The Elderly Get Gum Disease: In actuality, about 80 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease. It can range from gingivitis, or gum inflammation, to a periodontitis that can result in damage to the bone. However, most cases of gum disease can be reversed with simple brushing and flossing.

So there we have it. Out with the bucktooth grin and in with the Hollywood smile … in just 10 steps. *Insert teeth ding*.


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Real Life Popeye With A Freakishly Big Right Forearm

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matthias schlitte forearm

Matthias Schlitte

This is Matthias Schlitte, who has been dubbed the real-life Popeye due to his gigantic right forearm, and yes, that picture is real.

The 22-year-old German arm-wrestler’s right forearm measures a colossus 18 inches, which makes his left forearm appear small and puney, despite it being quite average.

Matthias has won many champioships, including the Iron Curtain Armwars in Blackburn and the German Championships in Haltern earlier this year.

I’m surprised he doesn’t tilt dramatically to the right when he walks. Despite being perfectly built for an arm wrestler, I’m sure that’s a heavy load to carry when he’s not competing. It’s like a huge swinging sledgehammer.

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Barbie Dolls to Get Slimmer Legs and Ankles

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Three new Barbie dolls being designed by French shoe designer Christian Louboutin to celebrate the doll’s 50th anniversary will have slimmer legs and ankles after he decided they were “too fat”.

Mr Louboutin, whose luxury shoes retail for up to £1,500, thinks the model has ‘cankles’, (fat ankles), and so he’s going to make them thinner.

Isn’t this sending the wrong message out to young girls? I mean, Barbie is no stranger to controversy, as are many celebrities and models, but Barbie is often perceived as being the ‘perfect’ woman. A toy that children will see every day and will aspire to be like. Making Barbie even thinner will surely inspire our youth to do the same, or am I overreacting? What are your opinions on the matter?


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Piano Stairs Psychology

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Given the option of taking the escalator or the stairs, the majority of us would probably chose the escalator, but what if we tweaked the stairs to make them fun to walk on?

Well that’s exactly what this team tried to find out. In this Volkswagen commercial, the stairs have been modified to turn each step into a key on a piano. The behavior of the people was then filmed and the results were astonishing.

(Youtube Link)

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Is There Such Thing as a Stress-Free Vacation?

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vacation stress comic

When we go on vacation, it’s meant to be the most relaxing and stress-free time of the year, but in fact it usually ends up being quite the opposite.

This nice little graph by PHDComics demonstrates the various stress levels at different times, before, during and after a vacation.

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Blood Energy Drink

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Okay, so it’s not actually blood, just a liquid that looks like it.

New from the makers of Mana and Health Energy Potion comes Blood Energy Potion: the world’s first synthetic blood beverage. The fruit punch flavor packs 4 hours of energy along with iron, protein, and electrolytes. Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste! The re-sealable transfusion bag style pouch provides the convenient delivery of fluids for vampires and humans alike! Contains no real blood, just synthetic!

Release your inner vampire…Well, sort of.

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How Far Can You Get Away From McDonald’s?

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We all know that McDonald’s is a huge company, and it seems like you can’t go anywhere in the U.S. without seeing one.

Stephen Von Worley created this map of the U.S. illustrating where all the McDonald’s outlets are. The most depressing fact came from this though, is that you’ll have to go to South Dakota to get 107 miles away from one.

Link (Thanks Matt!)

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Immortality is Only 20 Years Away?

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Immortality. Terminator

The concept of immortality may seem science-fiction for most, however scientist, Ray Kurzweil believes that immortality could be only 20 years away through nanotechnology and an increased understanding of how the human body works.

Kurzweil, 61, who has predicted new technologies arriving before, says theoretically, at the rate our understanding is increasing, nanotechnologies capable of replacing many of our vital organs could be available in 20 years time.

Mr Kurzweil calls his theory the Law of Accelerating Returns. Writing in The Sun, Mr Kurzweil said: “I and many other scientists now believe that in around 20 years we will have the means to reprogramme our bodies’ stone-age software so we can halt, then reverse, ageing. Then nanotechnology will let us live for ever.

“Ultimately, nanobots will replace blood cells and do their work thousands of times more effectively.

“Within 25 years we will be able to do an Olympic sprint for 15 minutes without taking a breath, or go scuba-diving for four hours without oxygen.

“Heart-attack victims – who haven’t taken advantage of widely available bionic hearts – will calmly drive to the doctors for a minor operation as their blood bots keep them alive.

“Nanotechnology will extend our mental capacities to such an extent we will be able to write books within minutes.

“If we want to go into virtual-reality mode, nanobots will shut down brain signals and take us wherever we want to go. Virtual sex will become commonplace. And in our daily lives, hologram like figures will pop in our brain to explain what is happening.

“So we can look forward to a world where humans become cyborgs, with artificial limbs and organs.”

Do you believe that there is potential for humans to become immortal, and if so, do we really want it/is it rational to have it as an option?


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Visualizing the Advances in Motor Vehicle Safety Over the Past 50 Years

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(Youtube Link)

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a unique crash test to demonstrate the advances in motor vehicle safety over the last 50 years. In this test, a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu and a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air are both going 40 mph and the vehicles collide offset, driver side to driver side. This is the same crash configuration represented by the Institute’s 40 mph frontal offset barrier test, which is used to rate the frontal crash performance of new cars.

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day Today, Arghh!

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Ahoy, me hearties – the time has come once again, to celebrate ‘international talk like a pirate day’, for no reason what-so-ever, other than it be fantastic, me buckos.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, who proclaimed September 19 each year as the day when everyone in the world should talk like a pirate.

(Youtube Link)

If you’re on the web, change your Facebook language to pirate (instructions), tweet in pirate (instructions) and even search in pirate with Google Pirate.

If you meet someone in the street, talk to someone on the phone, send an email, or even send a text, make sure you acknowledge talk like a pirate day, and celebrate it’s tradition with pride!

Not sure how to talk pirate? Here’s a quick guide to make sure you get it right.

(Youtube Link)

Alternatively, take a look at some tips and basic pirate vocab at TalkLikeAPirate, which includes some pick up lines for the lady pirates and even advanced pirate lingo, if you’re ready to move beyond “Aarrr” and such.

Now go forth and multiply me hearties, and let us know how you’ll be celebrating TLAPD.

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World’s Biggest Burger Weighs in at 185 Pounds

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Biggest Burger

The world’s biggest burger has been unveiled, which weighs in at 185 pounds.

Whilst the bun, which takes 8 hours to make, is being prepared, the burger is baked for 15 hours before it is topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato and wheeled out into the restaurant on a trolley.

Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, Michigan, USA, are selling the enormous meal for $499.

Restaurant owner Steve Mallie said: ”Being in the Guinness World Records book is the greatest accomplishment we’ve ever done.

”I’ve worked my entire life to build this restaurant and being able to have the notoriety of Guinness makes it just that bit more rewarding.”

Now it’s just a question of who’s going to eat it, and pay $499 for the privilege? And we wonder why we are one of the most obese nations on earth. I’ve got to say though, it does look good, doesn’t it? Any takers?


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A Gadget To Detect Autism In Children

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LENA provides accurate and critical information about children’s language environment and speech patterns to help detect autism.

What is LENA? LENA is the only technology that automatically collects and analyzes information about a child’s natural language environment and development. The LENA feedback reports help parents improve a child’s cumulative language experience and accelerate that child’s language and cognitive development, and preparedness for school.
Who is LENA for? Parents and caregivers of children ages 0 to 4.

Why is it important? Several hundred research studies over the last 50 years document the importance of talking to and interacting with your baby, especially during the first three years. Groundbreaking research by two renowned university researchers, Drs. Betty Hart, Ph.D., and Todd Risley, Ph.D., revealed that the quantity of talk a child experienced between birth and age 3 directly correlated with the child’s IQ and vocabulary size. The LENA Foundation was founded based on the key elements of this study and our own normative study shows that saying 17,000 words per day, which is equal to the 85th percentile, will greatly enhance your child’s potential.

Who developed it? A team of world-class scientists, including experts in linguistics, speech recognition technology, computer engineering, speech analysis, statistics, speech language pathology, language research and developmental pediatrics. Recognizing that achievement gaps already exist at kindergarten entry, LENA was developed to give parents useful information to help ensure they are providing the richest language environment possible to their children during the critical years between birth and age 4, before they enter school.

How does it work? Parents follow a simple three-step process, 2-3 times a month:

1. In the morning, slip the LENA Digital Language Processor (DLP) into the pocket of specially designed LENA clothing.
2. At the end of the day, plug the DLP into your PC. The audio data will transfer and software analysis begins.
3. View your reports to analyze your conversations, identify patterns of talk throughout the day and receive percentile rank information.

Link Via

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Men With Long Ring Fingers Drive Faster

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Long Ring Finger. Image: grannygeek

Long Ring Finger. Image: grannygeek

New research suggests that men with long ring fingers are more likely to drive fast, overtake on dangerous roads and park illegally.

The study suggests bad driving may be programmed from birth because finger length is directly associated with exposure to the hormone testosterone in the womb.
Numerous studies have shown that a long wedding ring finger compared to the index finger in men can have a powerful effect on health and behaviour.
Research suggests it is linked with increased male aggression and risk-taking.
But it also means men are better at sports such as athletics and football, more likely to succeed in the cut-throat world of high finance and may even be more fertile than those with shorter ring fingers.
Scientists believe exposure to greater levels of testosterone in the womb affects the way the brain works later in life.

So what’s your ring finger situation? Mine is far longer than my index. That may explain a lot…

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15 Year Old Boy Cries Blood

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(Youtube Link)

Calvino Inman is a 15 year old boy who has baffled doctors by crying blood.

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Spotty Soldiers Turned Away From US National Guard

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The US National Guard is turning away aspiring members who are ‘too spotty’, in a move, pressurized by the Pentagon, to make it harder to enlist.

National Guard

“Under new rules, recruits will no longer be forgiven for offences such as theft, assault, driving under the influence or chronic lawbreaking. The Guard has also stopped issuing medical waivers, which allowed recruits to be admitted despite health problems as serious as an extreme food allergy and as minor as a painful bout of acne.”

Military officials say that the cuts are due to the economic climate, following a bloated force during years of successful recruitment, however there are suspicions that the reductions are part of an effort to shift the burden of fighting overseas onto the active-duty Army and ease the public outcry over the way that Guard units part-time soldiers normally called into action during hurricanes and other disasters at home have been sent on long, repeated combat tours in Iraq.


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Lollipop Lets Blind People See With Their Tongues

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Blind Lollipop

“An electric lollipop that allows the blind to ’see’ using their tongue has been developed by scientists.

The extraordinary device converts images captured by a tiny camera into a series of electrical tingles, which can be felt on the tongue.

Nerves then send these messages to the brain, which turn the tingles back into pictures.”

Here’s a video of the technology in action:

(Youtube Link)


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