Top 7 Fun But Pointless iPhone Apps

Posted By Ben Goulding, 22 March, 2010 | permalink

iPhone apps are great. Like they say, “there’s an app for just about anything”. Well that’s very true, but sometimes application developers come up with some really stupid ideas. Here are 7 of the best pointless iPhone apps that we still love to download.

#1 – iSnort

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Okay kids, this app is not cool but at least it’s better than doing the real thing. iSnort makes it appear that you are cutting up coke and snorting it. The makers say “Go on.. give it a toot… it’s virtually addictive”. Alternatively you could do something more useful and sensible with your £5, like throw it down the drain.

#2 – More Toast!

Feeling hungry? How about some toast? More Toast! let’s you toast any kind of bread, bagel or pancake you could think of. Not only that, but it has a selection of preserves and toppings you can add afterwards. Great, huh? Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s a digital toaster cooking digital food. Ideal to satisfy your digital hunger.

#3 – iSteam

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Don’t you hate it when you get out of the shower and the mirror is all steamed up, or when it’s a cold rainy day and the window is full of condensation? Me too. Well how would you like to recreate that on your iPhone? I know I wouldn’t, but iSteam lets you do it anyway.

#4 – BubbleWrap

When you bought your $200 iPhone, I’m sure you didn’t expect that you would end up spending countless hours on it popping digital bubbles. Well this game may be completely pointless, but it’s ridiculously addictive. Why is it so addictive? Maybe because most of the bubble wrap in the world has already been popped, and this app provides an unlimited quantity free of charge. Or maybe because you can pop away without your boss telling you to get on with your work instead of wasting company resources. Who knows? Nothing beats popping real bubble wrap though, does it?

#5 – Moo

How would you like a virtual cow on your iPhone that moo’s every time you move your phone in different directions? Me neither, but that’s all this application does. Hooray!

#6 – eShaver

(Youtube Link)

eShaver is an application that lets you turn your iPhone into an electric shaver. At $0.99 some may say it’s a bargain, but for the fact it’s not a real electric shaver. Yes that’s right, it just plays an electric shaver sound effect. If you’re into cutting digital hair though, it’s great. eShave away!

#7 – iPint

Carling created iPint so you could have a virtual pint any time you want. The only problem is though, it’s virtual. You simply open the application, tip the pint and the lager begins to flow as if you were drinking it. After a few times, I’m sure you’ll be wondering why you’ve spared a chunk of your precious memory to keep it though.

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