Switzerland Bans Violent Video Games

Posted By Ben Goulding, 22 March, 2010 | permalink

Just a month after the proposals were first outlined in full, the Swiss National Council has now officially passed a law that will ultimately lead to the complete ban of any violent video games in the country.

The full implications of the new law are not yet known, however Swiss authorities now have the power to introduce any measures they see fit.

The likeliest outcome seems to be an outright ban on the production, distribution and sale of any games deemed to be unsuitable – most likely anything with either a PEGI 16+ or PEGI 18+ certificate. Until then, Swiss video gamers can back up supplies of violent video games on a hard drive, providing them with a lifetime supply of digital violence.

Do you think that this is a viable law for the Swiss to introduce? Won’t it just lead to a black market of banned video games, never mind the endless supply of violence already on the TV, internet and in movies.


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