Brushing Your Teeth With Urine (WFOTD)

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Can you imagine that toothbrushes have been around since 3000 BC? Well they have, although they were very different to the ones we use today. They were actually just small branches with one end frayed used to remove small particles from the teeth. They used to call them “chew sticks”.

You may be wondering what they used for toothpaste. The Egyptions used a toothpaste in 2000 BC, made of powdered pumice stone and wine vinegar brushed with a chew stick. That may sound sickly, but it’s nothing compared to what the Romans used. They brushed their teeth with human urine.

First-century Roman doctors believed that urine whitened teeth and also kept them firmly in place. The urine from the Portuguese was considered the strongest and therefore the most expensive. It must have worked though, because it was an active ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash up until the 18th century. Yuk!

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