Super Camera Scans A Book In Seconds

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You want to find some information in a book, but you don’t know exactly where in the book that specific piece of information is. What do you do? Well normally you would have to trawl though potentially hundreds and hundreds of pages – a very time consuming and futile procedure, but that Japanese may have come up with an invention that means we would never have to do such a thing ever again.

Masatoshi Ishikawa, a professor at the University of Tokyo has created a product that lets you scan a book by rapidly flipping its pages in front of a high-speed camera – it’s called book flipping scanning. The camera operates at 500 frames per second and processes 200 pages per minute.

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Ishikawa has other plans for the technology though. He and his colleagues are already working on several applications including a microscope that can track individual bacteria and a video game motion-capture system. This could make college so much easier for everyone.


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