Data Transferred At 10Mbps Through Skin

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Scientists at the University of Korea have found that skin can be used to transmit data. In fact, skin is a very good conductor of data as they were able to achieve a rate of 10Mbps using small, flexible electrodes – that’s certainly faster than my internet.

The scientists placed electrodes 30cm apart on a person’s arm and they found that the low-frequency electromagnetic waves pass efficiently through the skin with little outside interference.

Rather than wiring people directly to the internet, the team see health benefits for their technology.

It is difficult to monitor vital signs, such as blood sugar and electrical activity of the heart, in a person going about their everyday lives because it means either covering them in snaking wires connected to a recording device, or using wireless transmission.

It looks like this technology will carry on progessing and who knows – we could all be walking internets in the very near future.

Link Via Gizmodo

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Automated Data Collection December 29, 2010

Nice research. But in my opinion they shouldn’t think over developing it more to use human skin for data transferring which can produce some harmful side effects. Thanks for sharing that research with us.

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