Trololo Guy Comes To Terms With His Newly Found Fame

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Eduard Khil, the man who has recently gained worldwide fame from his performance, which quickly became known as “Trololololololololololo”, reacts to parodies on YouTube with the media.

This is what he said to “Life News“:

I haven’t heard anything about it. It’s nice, of course!

Thereby hangs a tale about this song. Lyrics were written for it, but they were poor. I mean, they were good, but one couldn’t publish them at that time. They contained words like these: “I’m riding my stallion, so-and-so mustang, and my beloved Mary is thousand miles away knitting a stocking for me”. Of course, we failed to publish it at that time, and we, Arkady Ostrovsky and I, decided to make it a vocalise. But the essence remained in the title. Yes, it’s a little prankish – it has no lyrics, so we had to make up something for people would listen to it, and so there was an interesting arrangement.

Haven’t seen “Trololololololololololo” yet? Watch it here.

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