Mexican Billionaire Is New World’s Richest Man

Posted By Ben Goulding, 11 March, 2010 | permalink

Carlos Slim Helu has been declared the richest man in the world – the first time a non-American has held the title for 16 years.

Slim Helu is a telecoms tycoon who controls a number of companies, including Telmex and America Movil. His net worth is a staggering $53.5bn.

Meanwhile, American investor, Warren Buffett fell to third place with a net worth of $47bn, Indian businessman, Mukesh Ambani takes fourth with a net worth of $29bn, and Indian steel magnate, Lakshmi Mittal is close behind, with $28.7bn.

Bill Gates was knocked off the top spot for only a second time since 1995, despite gaining $13bn in the past year. I’m sure he won’t lose too much sleep over it.

Forbes’ 24th list of the world’s richest people sees the number of billionaires rise from 793 last year to 1,011 now. In 2008 the total was 1,125.


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