Car That Runs on 10,000 Cups of Espresso

Posted By Ben Goulding, 11 March, 2010 | permalink

A BBC presenter will aim to travel 210 miles, from London to Manchester, in a car that is run by 10,000 espressos.

The car features a system converting the grounds into flammable gases which fuel the engine instead of petrol.

Jem Stansfield build the vehicle in an effort to encourage young people to think about how we can tap into energy from waste products and new sources.

He said: ”Everyone recognises that coffee can give a person a bit of a boost, but many probably had no idea it had enough energy locked away to power a car.

”It’s important for kids to understand that power is not something that is mystically there, simply at the flick of a switch or by pushing a pedal.

”With the energy challenge that is facing the world, the more we encourage children to think about alternative fuels, where energy is stored and how it can be released, the better.”


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