Funeral Being Held For Internet Explorer 6 Today

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More than 100 people, dressed in funeral attire, are expected to attend the funeral of Internet Explorer 6 today. The aging web browser’s offspring have taken over from their father in recent years, leaving ie6 a dead browser.

The funeral is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek event, hosted by Aten Design Group, a design firm in Denver, Colorado. Guests will gather round a coffin, carrying a ‘body’ with an Internet Explorer 6 logo as the head. They will then share remembrances.

Here’s what ‘Robert’ had to say about the browser:

“IE6, where do I begin? You were so trusting, sometimes to a fault. I’d tell you I’m going to miss all the hours we spent patching holes in your code, but I’d be lying. There is and was so much redeveloping to do because your younger counterparts are much less credulous. Do you remember your 0-day in January? I lied to you; I actually did want to spend the holidays with my family. I hope heaven is hacker free.

R.I.P my friend”

Will you miss Internet Explorer 6, or can it rot in hell? Let us know your experiences with the browser.

Link Via CNN

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