Cleankeys Touch Keyboard Leaves Bacteria With No Place To Hide

Posted By Ben Goulding, 1 March, 2010 | permalink

Everyday we go about our business on our computers without giving a thought to the thousands of bacteria lurking on the keyboard. In fact, a standard keyboard is one of the most bacteria-dense places in the modern household. If this has grossed you out, don’t worry, Cleankeys can save us.

Cleankeys is a touch sensitive keyboard which eliminates germs without a fuss. Wiping a standard keyboard with a disinfecting cloth kills about 5% of bacteria. Cleankeys claims the same test kills 99% of bacteria on their keyboard, simply because they have nowhere to hide.

At $400 for the standard plastic model and $450 for a glass Cleankeys, it’s not cheap, but at least you’ll have a germ-free keyboard. Alternatively you could just use your immune system. It’s up to you.

Link Via Gizmodo

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