Cell Phone Costs Olympic Skater Race For Gold

Posted By Ben Goulding, 26 February, 2010 | permalink

A speed skater competing at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games has missed his chance to race for the gold medal because he had his cell phone switched off.

Germany’s Patrick Beckert was fourth on the list of replacement entrants for the men’s 1,000-meter competition, and after two-time gold medallist Enrico Fabris withdrew from Wednesday’s race an hour before it was due to start, organizers began to frantically get hold of the 19 year old.

Unfortunately, by the time Beckert had noticed one of the many missed calls on his phone, there was only 17 minutes left until the race was scheduled to begin. This wasn’t enough time for him to reach the the Oval from the Olympic village, so his place was forfeited. Talk about bad luck.


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