Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books In The World

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#10 Amazing Fantasy No.15

Best known as the title that introduced the popular superhero character Spider-Man in 1962. It was published by Marvel Comics.

Approximate value in mint condition: $210,000

#9 Flash Comics #1

Published in 1940, and featuring the Flash, this comic is so rare, as it was only produced in very small quantities and issue number 2 was re-named “Whiz Comics”.

Approximate value in mint condition: $290,000

#8 More Fun Comics No.52

The Spectre first appeared in the issue dated February 1940. More Fun Comics was the first publication of the company that would become DC Comics. It was also the first comic book series to feature solely original material rather than reprints of newspaper strips.

Approximate value in mint condition: $300,000

#7 Batman No.1

This was the first comic book solely about Batman. It included Robin, and was published in the spring of 1940.

Approximate value in mint condition: $350,000

#6 Detective Comics No.1

Originally an anthology comic, published in March 1937. It went on to feature Batman and Superman.

Approximate value in mint condition: $405,000

#5 Marvel Comics No.1

This was the first Marvel Comic that introduced us to the Human Torch and other heroes, dated October 1939.

Approximate value in mint condition: $420,000

#4 All-American Comics No.16

The Green Lantern first featured in this comic from 1939. Not only is this a significant comic, but also a very scarce one.

Approximate value in mint condition: $430,000

#3 Superman No.1

The first comic devoted to Superman, from 1939. It was reprinted from the original Action Comics story. If you bought one then and still have it, I’m sure you’ll agree it was the best 10 cent you ever spent.

Approximate value in mint condition: $670,000

#2 Detective Comics No.27

The first book to feature Batman. It used to sell for 10 cents when it was published in 1939.

Approximate value in mint condition: $1,380,000

#1 Action Comics No.1

The first ever issue of Action Comics also featured the first ever appearance of Superman, published June, 1938.

It is the most expensive comic book in the world.

Approximate value in mint condition: $1,390,000

Data from Telegraph/NYTimes

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Timmy February 26, 2010

Nice compilation. Slightly surprised there’s no Captain America issues in there, particularly the first. Thought they would have been worth quite a bit.

Esani February 27, 2010

I think I get how pricing collectible works. It’s all supply and demand and marketing hype. Most of them could sometimes be slightly more valuable than a piece of lame shore rock but because of the experimental factor of the item, meaning the commercial value of the comics has already been tested and earned big bucks from the market. Nevertheless, they’re still a piece of beauty.


Kelson August 22, 2010

Correction on Flash Comics #1. You’re actually mixing up two different series. This one, published by DC Comics and featuring the first appearances of the Flash and Hawkman, had a normal print run and continued for 104 issues under the title “Flash Comics.”

However, Fawcett Comics also tried to launch a series called Flash Comics featuring the character who would become known as Captain Marvel. They produced a very small print run to establish the trademark, but it was a few days too late. DC had already gotten the title. It was the Fawcett series which was changed to “Whiz Comics” with issue #2.

Circuit Breaker : October 27, 2010

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Dallas March 24, 2012

I have a 1938 Action Comic #1 (Superman) reprint (1990) and was wondering how much it is worth. Please get back to me and let me know. I need to get rid of it asap. Thank you.

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