Human Behavior is ‘93 per cent’ Predictable

Posted By Ben Goulding, 25 February, 2010 | permalink

Location data from mobile phones has revealed that the vast majority of human behavior is predictable, suggesting that we really are creatures of habit.

Location data from mobile phones has indicated that 93 per cent of human movement is predictable. A study published by peer-reviewed journal Science examined anonymised data culled from mobile phone service providers and found that it was possible to accurately predict movement and location up to 97 per cent of the time for the majority of people, and 93 per cent of the time for the entire set of data.

The study also found that the majority of people did not stray outside a 6 mile radius for the bulk of the period investigated, and that at any one time people were 70 per cent likely to be at their most-visited location.

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