World’s Smallest Mother to Give Birth For the Third Time

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Smallest Mother

The world’s smallest mother is about to give birth for the third time, despite warnings she is risking her life.

Stacey Herald who is just 2ft 4ins tall, from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, has already defied doctors to have two healthy babies, and her third is due in the next four weeks.

But despite all the obstacles, Mrs Herald and her husband, who is 5ft 9ins, and a trainee priest, say they want even more children.

The couple met in 2000 while working for a supermarket in their home town and were desperate for a family after marrying in 2004.
But doctors warned Mrs Herald a baby would grow so large inside her tiny body it would eventually crush her organs.

Eight months later, the couple were thrilled when they discovered Mrs Herald was pregnant and decided to go ahead even though family and doctors begged them to reconsider.


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SHAN March 9, 2012

This i s adorable. i mean this is like really CUTE :)

Lisa Miller March 22, 2012

wow!!!!! thats is killer crazy shyt man w2g to the mother of the children that must of bein hard on your lil body crazy woman lol congrats to all 3 of your children btw

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