Woman Calls Cops On Herself For Drink Driving

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Mary StreyMary Strey is a very honest woman … or maybe just an extremely drunk one. She called police in Clark County, Wisconsin to let them know that she was driving whilst intoxicated.

“Somebody’s really drunk driving down Granton Road,” she told the 911 dispatcher.

The dispatcher asked if Strey was behind the drunk driver, to which she replied “No, I am them.”

The dispatcher asked, “Okay, so you’re calling to report you’re driving drunk?”

“Yes,” Strey said.

The dispatcher told Strey to pull her vehicle over, and she complied. She waited for a deputy to arrive with her hazard lights flashing. According to the police report, Strey failed field sobriety tests, and a preliminary breath test showed she had a blood alcohol content of .19, more than twice the legal limit to drive.

She’s due in court in December, facing charges of first offense operating under the influence.

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Extreme John November 4, 2009

I heard this phone call on the news earlier today, very funny. Moron.

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