McDonald’s Adds Extra Drive-Through Lane In UK

Posted By Ben Goulding, 23 October, 2009 | permalink

mcdonalds two lane drive through

The UK recession has led to a boom in McDonald’s sales as people opt for cheap fast food, rather than splashing out on more expensive meal. As a result, McDonald’s is to open two lane drive-through restaurants to help cope with the increasing demand.

Despite numerous government campaigns for health eating, McDonald’s had its best summer ever in the UK this year, serving 100 million customers a month.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s UK chief executive. told The Sun: “We simply don’t have the capacity to serve the number of customers as quickly as we want to”.

The fast food chain has responded by opening dual entrances so that two drivers can order their meals simultaneously. Menus are also being printed on kerbside signs

The new system is being tested at outlets in Telford, Shropshire, Kent and Edinburgh. If successful, the scheme will be extended to up to 50 McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

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Extreme John October 25, 2009

Just about every McDonalds out here needs this exact thing!

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