Real Life Harry Potter Unhappy With Fame

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Harry PotterHarry Potter was born in Portsmouth, England, in 1989 and lived a normal life, with a normal name, until he turned nine, when J.K. Rowling wrote the book that would make his life a misery.

The similarities are there – right down to a scar on the forehead.

But the biggest thing they share are eleven letters spelling out two short names. Harry Potter.

‘My life has changed completely since the books were written,’ he said. ‘At first I thought it might be quite a good thing to have the same name.

‘But now it is like someone has cast a bad spell on me, the reactions I get from people range from making fun to plain aggressive.

‘Sometimes I wish JK Rowling had never used my name.

‘People seem to forget that I was Harry Potter before the character. I was nine when the books first came out.’

Do you share a name with a famous person, or know someone who does? Let us know about it. What are your experiences? How has your life been affected and would you change your name if you could?


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