Giant Seagull Invades Australian News Bulletin

Posted By Ben Goulding, 22 October, 2009 | permalink

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Peter Hitchener, a news anchorman, remains unflappable when a ‘giant’ seagull walks behind him during a bulletin in Australia.

The timing could not have been worse as Hitchener was trying read a story about organised crime in the city.

“I was reading away and it was a serious story, and I suddenly thought ‘Oh my gosh, that seagull’s back again’, because we had a bit of a problem last night,” Hitchener told a radio station afterwards.

He explained that the seagull had appeared moments before the programme went on air, alarming the producers.

“About 50 seconds to six o’clock this seagull arrived and started pecking at the camera and it had the beadiest huge eyes you’ve ever seen in your life.”

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