Top 10 Teeth Myths That Everyone Still Believes

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Perfect Smile

They say the first thing you notice when you look at a person is their smile, and hence we all want sparkling white, correctly aligned choppers, but many teeth myths stand in our way. Dentalassistingschool uncovers the top 10 teeth myths.

1. All Teeth Whiteners Are The Same: The choices between teeth whitening systems can be overwhelming and include toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips, trays, prescribed whitening agents, and even laser treatments. In reality, all of these treatments have their pro’s and con’s not limited to price and speed of results. The experts at WebMD go over each treatment to help pick what’s right for you.

2. Not Brushing Causes Bad Breath: A partial truth, there are also many other factors for bad breath, or halitosis. When the body ingests unpleasant smelling foods, such as garlic or onions, the odor remains until the body passes the food. Drinkers, smokers, and dieters can also have chronic bad breath.

3. Breath Into Your Hand To See If You Have Bad Breath: This practice will actually only tell you if your hand smells or not. Because different muscles are used to breath and talk, the hand test isn’t exactly accurate. This article from Kids Health discusses the best ways to combat halitosis so that the check isn’t necessary.

4. Leave Wisdom Teeth In Until They Bother You: Once a wisdom tooth has become impacted, or misaligned, it can lead to serious problems such as infection or periodontitis. A good rule to remember is to get them removed earlier, as the procedure is easier and comes with less complications. If unsure about how to proceed, have your dentist take X-rays.

5. ADA Approved Gum Can Be Substituted for Brushing: Although some gums have earned the ADA Seal for their ability to counter a certain dental issue, they do not recommend it in place of brushing. However, they do recommend chewing it in between brushing for conditions such as reducing plaque, promoting tooth enamel, reducing cavities, or combating gingivitis. The American Dental Association has more, including a link to all approved gums.

6. Put Aspirin On An Aching Tooth: Only a good idea if the aspirin is taken orally. Placing it next to the tooth and gums can actually burn the gum tissue. Instead, 1-800-DENTIST recommends rinsing your mouth with warm water or an over the counter antiseptic containing benzocaine and visiting your dentist as soon as possible.

7. Pregnant Women Shouldn’t See The Dentist: With new studies showing that gum disease can affect the unborn baby, women who are pregnant or considering it should definitely see the dentist. In fact, “The Journal of the American Dental Association” found that pregnant women can safely see the dentist and even have local anesthetics at 13 to 21 weeks gestation. However, caution is advised when utilizing X-rays and stronger drugs.

8. Baby Teeth Not That Important: Since they are just going to fall out anyway, why bother? Because tooth neglect at any age can lead to serious health problems, baby teeth should be treated with the same care as adult teeth. In addition, baby teeth that have been neglected can fall out sooner, resulting in crooked or malformed adult teeth.

9. It’s Okay To Swallow Mouthwash: It’s a bacteria killer, so why not? About 90 percent of mouthwashes contain high levels of alcohol, also known as a carcinogen, which is not meant to be ingested. It is also more dangerous for children and shouldn’t be given to those under twelve and with supervision after. The long terms affects of swallowing mouthwash can be dangerous and should be avoided.

10. Mostly The Elderly Get Gum Disease: In actuality, about 80 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease. It can range from gingivitis, or gum inflammation, to a periodontitis that can result in damage to the bone. However, most cases of gum disease can be reversed with simple brushing and flossing.

So there we have it. Out with the bucktooth grin and in with the Hollywood smile … in just 10 steps. *Insert teeth ding*.


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