Barbie Dolls to Get Slimmer Legs and Ankles

Posted By Ben Goulding, 15 October, 2009 | permalink


Three new Barbie dolls being designed by French shoe designer Christian Louboutin to celebrate the doll’s 50th anniversary will have slimmer legs and ankles after he decided they were “too fat”.

Mr Louboutin, whose luxury shoes retail for up to £1,500, thinks the model has ‘cankles’, (fat ankles), and so he’s going to make them thinner.

Isn’t this sending the wrong message out to young girls? I mean, Barbie is no stranger to controversy, as are many celebrities and models, but Barbie is often perceived as being the ‘perfect’ woman. A toy that children will see every day and will aspire to be like. Making Barbie even thinner will surely inspire our youth to do the same, or am I overreacting? What are your opinions on the matter?


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