The World’s Smallest Man Makes a Wish For His 18th Birthday

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Worlds Smallest Man

Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 2ft tall and has just turned 18 has wished for two things: to be officially recognised by the Guiness World Records and to find a wife.

The teenager is a full head and shoulders shorter than He Pingping of China, who at 2ft 5in is the current holder of the world’s smallest man title. He is now waiting for official recognition from Guinness World Records.

His other wish is to find a wife of a similar stature to marry.

“When I am officially recognised as the smallest man in the world I expect to get lots of proposals.”

I’m sure you will Khagendra, and I’d love to come to the wedding. Is it wrong of me to be imagining a doll house church? How cute! Seriously though, I hope it goes to plan for you Mr Magar. It’s not all about size now, is it?


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