World Champion Arm Wrestler is Just 3ft 5in Tall

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arm wrestling champion

Despite his short stature, Joby Matthew, from Kerala, India, is a world champion arm wrestler.

Joby, who stands at just 5-foot-3, has so much upper body strength that he can crush challengers with no disabilities, which has earned him five world podiums in an illustrious career.

Jobe has severely underdeveloped legs caused by Proximal Fimoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD), however he amazes onlookers as he lifts huge weights and does push ups on just one hand on the streets of Kerala.

In a heart-warming twist to his amazing story, the 9 stone sports trainer at a petroleum company says his incredible journey against all odds began with a supportive family.

Facing a troubling trek just to get to school every day, his relatives showed him how to overcome the physical challenges he would face every day.


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Extreme John October 6, 2009

I guess that saying about size not mattering is proven in this case, thats some amazing balance and muscle control thats for sure.

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