Women Spend Twice as Much Time as Men on Chores

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women choresOkay, so it’s official – women spend twice as long on household chores as men, a new survey by Stylist magazine has found.

Whilst the average man takes just 49 minutes to complete his morning chores before going out the front door, the average woman takes two hours and three minutes.

On top of that, the morning and afternoon school run means women’s preparation for work takes a total three hours and fifteen minutes a day. On the other hand, a man’s “tasks to do the night before” take a mere eight minutes – bringing his total daily preparation for work to just 57 minutes.

In total, the average working woman spends 32 days a year just getting ready for work – including sorting herself, her children, her home and, more often than not, her husband. Over a 40 year working life this amounts to 1,280 days – or three and a half years.

The average working woman has an early 6.47am start – seven minutes earlier than her other half – and 6.32am for those with young children which is also seven minutes earlier than him. She also has only 6 hours 49 minutes sleep before the treadmill begins.
This includes a shower (10 minutes ), drying/styling her hair (9 minutes), putting on moisturiser/make-up (8 mins), getting dressed/sorting accessories’ (7 mins), having breakfast (6 mins) and exercising – yoga, pilates, jogging (4 mins).

Then there’s the dishwasher to stack and the washing to be found and put on (7 minutes), the hoovering, beds to make and the general morning clear up (8 mins) – and for mums there’s the kids to wash and dress (11 mins).

Making breakfast takes 9 mins – this task falls to 81% of mums compared to 19% of dads – and help with last minute homework (4 mins) before’making their packed lunches and packing their school bags (7 mins) – again 86% of working mums compared to 14% of working dads do this.

Pre-preparing the evening meal takes another five minutes and she’s got papers to sort (2 mins), phone calls to make (3 mins) and emails to check and send (4 mins) before carting the kids to nursery or school on the way to work (19 mins). Only 8% of men are the main school runners.

Then there is the nursery/school run home after work (19 minutes) and sorting everyone’s clothes for the next day (11 mins), ironing – including his – (13 mins), and unpacking school bags, washing lunch boxes and organising ingredients (5 mins).

Food shopping is another 16 minutes and preparing food for the next day is 8 minutes – without including the general evening housework which needs to be done because there isn’t time for it during the working day.


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