A Circular Rainbow

Posted By Ben Goulding, 6 October, 2009 | permalink

Since I began posting on this blog, I have seen and learnt about some extraordinary features of nature that I didn’t even know existed. You may remember a recent post about an upside down rainbow – well just as you thought rainbows couldn’t get any more unusual, they just have.

circular rainbow

This is a picture of a rare circular rainbow that was taken from the window of a Thai Airways jet.

The aeroplane’s shadow can be faintly seen in the centre of the ring, with the colours fading from blue to red around it.

Rainbows are formed when sunlight strikes the curved inside of a raindrop at a specific angle and is reflected back through the water, creating a prism effect.

The apparent semicircle of a normal rainbow is only limited by the horizon. The full circle could be seen if the viewer were standing on a sufficiently high cliff, although it is more easily seen from aircraft.


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