Amazing POV Avalanche Rescue Footage

Posted By Ben Goulding, 5 October, 2009 | permalink

Take a look at this amazing point of view video of a skier getting caught in an avalanche and being buried in snow, only to be rescued four and a half minutes later. The good stuff starts at around the 1 minute mark.

(Vimeo Video)

This is simply a very sobering and unbelievable video. However, you should take away from this video all the positive things that you can learn from it. Yes there are risks to the backcountry – but with proper gear, training, and guide(s) with avalanche and EMT training – you can greatly lower your chances of getting caught in an avalanche in the first place…..and coming back alive if you ever were to get caught in a slide.

Respect Mother Nature for sure. Learn from this. But just like a Craig Kelly in the snowboard world or a Shane McConkey in the ski world who died out in the backcountry (Craig via avalanche and Shane via ski B.A.S.E. jumping), they left this earth while doing the things that they were truly passionate about. And while they would stress the need for the proper gear and training….neither one would want backcountry enthusiasts to curtail their adventures because of their accidents….or this video.

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