World’s Deepest Trash Can

Posted By Ben Goulding, 2 October, 2009 | permalink

(Youtube Link)

In an effort to keep the streets clean, this trash can was created to make it ‘fun’ for people to put their waste in it. 72 kilos of garbage was put in the bin during one day. That is 41 kilos more than the closest standard trash bin. The simplest things can make a huge difference. A great success!


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Sahil Kotak October 3, 2009

Amazing Ben, Very good video.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Matt - Zero 2 Hero October 3, 2009

Haha, brilliant. I think it would be even funnier if they made it sound like someone was sleeping inside there.

“Hey man not cool! I’m trying to sleep here…”

shaunjudy October 4, 2009

This was truly funny.. And man those people are true dummies. Why would a plastic wrapper make a sound like that on the way down? Any how I found it pretty damn funny.

steppinout October 4, 2009

Really brilliant idea dude.

Deneil Merritt October 5, 2009

That was funny. What make it even more funny is the dude looked around to find more trash to put into it. lol, priceless.

Extreme John October 5, 2009

Pretty cool but a long video to watch people chuck some trash out.

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