Gyrowheel Will Replace The Training Wheel

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The Gyrowheel is a wheel that uses a gyroscope to help keep it upright. The manufacturers, Gyrobike, hope that the Gyrowheel will replace the traditional training wheel on children’s bikes.

It aims to replace traditional training wheels or stabilizers and to eradicate the bad habits that they teach kids when learning to ride a bike – leaning away from a turn and constantly putting a foot down at the first sign of a wobble when they’re eventually taken off. The Gyrowheel uses the “gyroscopic precession” of the independently spinning disk inside it to stabilize the bike. The force created when the disk is turned – via a rechargeable battery – is powerful enough to hold a wheel upright at very low speeds (i.e. virtually stopped), and can actually make a bike look like it has a “Ghost Rider” as the videos below show (and there are plenty more on the Gyrobike site).

Good or bad idea? Personally I think it’s a bad idea. Is there really a need for the young people of today to be reliant on yet another piece of technology, especially when riding bikes with traditional wheels has been part of society for over 100 years. Learning to ride a bike isn’t rocket science anyway. It’s just one small stepping stone in childhood development.


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