eBay Bans Schoolgirl From Selling Her Grandmother

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Internet auction site eBay has banned a 10-year-old girl from selling her grandmother, claiming it breeched regulations on human trafficking.

Zoe Pemberton, from England, advertised her grandmother, 61, as ”annoying” but ”cuddly” in her joke listing, but it was removed by eBay.

”Obviously we have rules about the selling of people,” said an eBay spokeswoman.

”We had to take it down but it was quite amusing and there were a number of offers.

”The little girl had described her grandmother as ‘annoying’ but had gone on to say she liked crosswords and was ‘cuddly’ and there were quite a few offers.”

The spokeswoman added: ”The advert was obviously light-hearted and had been done with the full knowledge of grandma – we do get these kind of things from time to time.”


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Blaine Bullman October 1, 2009

Haha im surprised he even was able to put a listing on ebay but banning a 10 year old!!! Funny stuff

Butt-Beavis December 4, 2011

uhhuhuh, what a dumbass, lolololwirhwqtuagagh

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