85-Year-Old Grandaddy Gunman Fights Parking Ticket

Posted By Ben Goulding, 30 September, 2009 | permalink

Man With Gun

85-year-old, Peter J. Reilly from Chicago planned to use fire power to fight a $250 traffic ticket.

He strolled into his local police station to dispute it with the officer at the front desk.

The officer said Reilly pulled a gun from his hat and pointed it at him. After refusing repeated orders drop it, officers came to the lobby and took the gun away from Reilly.

Now parking tickets are annoying, and I can’t blame grandaddy-o for protesting, but since when do cops decide to revoke parking tickets because you point guns at them? Not in my experience anyway…

That’s when police discovered the handgun was … a BB gun. Oh, and the ticket Reilly was contesting? Using an expired permit to park in a handicapped parking space!


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