Ohio – A Piano In Disguise

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If I were to tell you that Ohio is a piano, you’d probably slap me in the face, however there’s more to Ohio than meets the eye.

Andy Woodruff, from CartoGrammar, noticed that Ohio has 88 counties, which is the same as the number of keys on a piano. So then the obvious thing to do, was to turn the state of Ohio into a huge piano.

Andy made a flash application, so that we can play the counties in Ohio, just like we’d play a piano.


How the keys are mapped to the counties depends on a specified data attribute: the notes and counties are ordered by that attribute and then linked to one another. For example, if the chosen attribute is population, the county with the lowest population is assigned the lowest-frequency piano key, the county with the highest population is assigned the highest-frequency piano key, and so on. The data I have here are a little out of date, but that doesn’t matter for demonstrating the idea.

Take a look at the Ohio piano here.

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