Gross Mechanical Tumor is a Computer Peripheral

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Mechanical Computer Tumor. Image: Mio I-zawa

Whoever designed this computer peripheral may need to seek help immediately. I mean why would you want to design a “mechanical” tumor that connects to your computer to measure your CPU?

Okay, aside from the geek bashing, the way this thing works is actually pretty cool. The flesh of this organic-looking material beats like a pulse as your computer processes data. The emphasis of the expansions and contractions depend on the amount of stress your computer is experiencing.

Equipped with a series of motors and pneumatic actuators, the mechanical tumor pulsates gently when the CPU load is low. When the CPU load is high, the tumor’s air compressor is activated, causing the lump of flesh to inflate.

Here it is in action:

(Youtube Link)

One can only imagine the outcome if your computer goes into overload, crashes or decides to blow up…


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Gold Detector : October 26, 2010

we always use air compressors in spray painting and also in blowing off those hardened dust on our home-`-

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