And The Winner Of The Worst Gadget Of All Time Is…

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shower radio

Whilst there are many pathetic gadgets out there that have been brought to market by crazy inventors wanting to make a quick buck, one stands out as being the worst of the worst – the shower radio.

That’s right, the shower radio has been voted as the worst household gadget of all time due to it’s tuning issues, not to mention the fact that it was impossible to hear over the sound of the tumbling water – hence making it completely pointless.

Battery-powered candles came second and the electric nail file was third. The classic 1980s SodasStream drink-maker was fourth and the Teasmaid was fifth.

The Sheilas’ Wheels Home Insurance study of 3,000 women also revealed the television as the greatest household gadget ever made.

Here’s a run down of the full results for the best and worst gadgets in history:

TOP 20 WORST HOUSEHOLD GADGETS: 1. Shower radio 2. Electric candles 3. Electric nail file 4. Soda Stream 5. Teasmaid 6. Pancake maker 7. Fondue set 8. Electric fluff remover 9. Facial tanner 10. Egg slicer 11. Deep fat fryer 12. Hair crimpers 13. Electric popcorn maker 14. Waffle iron 15. Electric carving knife 16. Digital photo frame 17. Back scratcher 18. Electric can opener 19. Electric facial massager 20. Mini disc player

TOP 20 GREATEST HOUSEHOLD GADGETS: 1. Television 2. Microwave 3. Vacuum cleaner 4. Hair dryer 5. Kettle 6. DVD player 7. Hair straighteners 8. Mobile phone 9. Telephone 10. Laptop 11. Television remote control 12. Digital camera 13. Alarm clock 14. Electric toothbrush 15. Computer 16. Bathroom scales 17. Toaster 18. Electric shower pump 19. Iron 20. Mp3 player ENDS

Some of you may not agree with these results, so from your own experience, what is the worst gadget you have ever owned, and why? Are there any gizmos in the above lists that you think shouldn’t be there? Let us know.


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devans00 September 25, 2009

This article could have been that much better if you had links to the products you were discussing. That is, if you weren’t going to add pictures.

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