The Evolution of Patrick Swayze’s Hair

Posted By Ben Goulding, 24 September, 2009 | permalink


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The acting world lost one of their own recently when Patrick Swayze lost his battle with Cancer. Most women have their favorite Swayze role or moment that they will remember; whether it is the pottery scene in Ghost with Demi Moore or when he made sure that nobody put “Baby” in the corner in Dirty Dancing. He will certainly be missed by the female population. However, there is one thing that all men can agree on, this man truly had a great head of hair. We would like to take this time to reflect on his most complete body of work, the evolution of his fantastic follicles.


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Benjamin Cip September 24, 2009

I was sad to hear he passed away, I really liked his acting in the movie “Ghost”. He was a good actor… RIP Patrick

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