Huge Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard Discovered

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Anglo-Saxon Gold Haul

A huge hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold has been found in a field by Terry Herbert, a metal detector enthusiast, in Staffordshire, UK.

The haul, which consists of at least 1,345 items, has been officially declared as treasure by the south Staffordshire coroner. The gold will now be valued by a committee of experts before being offered for sale. It is estimated that its value will be a seven figure sum.

Experts have so far established that there are at least 650 items of gold in the haul, weighing more than 5kg (11lb), and 530 silver objects totalling more than 1kg (2.2lb) in weight. Amongst the findings is a strip of gold bearing a Biblical inscription. It is assumed that the items were buried by their owners at a time of danger with the intention of later coming back and recovering them

Mr Herbert, and the unidentified land owner are set to earn themselves a large reward for the trove which experts predict could redefine perceptions of Anglo-Saxon England.


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