Man Discovers Long Lost Brother at Work 35 Years After Adoption

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Long Lost Brothers

Gary Nisbet, who had worked as a furniture mover for a bedding retail company for seven years, was joined by a new colleague, Randy Joubert who turned out to be his long lost brother who he hadn’t seen for 35 years.

The brothers were separated 35 years ago, when they were adopted by different families, however when customers saw the two together, they asked if they were brothers because they looked so much alike.

“This kid could have been anywhere in the world, and here I am riding in a Dow furniture truck with him,” Mr Joubert said.

“I said, ‘Gary, I’m going to ask you a strange question: Are you adopted?”‘ Mr Joubert recalled.

Mr Nisbet gave him a strange look and answered, yes, he was adopted.

Then Mr Joubert asked whether he knew his parents’ names. Mr Nisbet, who had learned details of his adoption through a court request, again answered yes.

Mr Joubert recited the couple’s names – only to meet a mixed reaction of amazement and annoyance.

“He takes off his hat and says, ‘How did you know that?”‘ Mr Joubert recalled.

When Mr Joubert asked about Mr Nisbet’s birth date, June 10, 1974, he knew he had found his long-lost brother.

“I about fell over,” he said, “because I knew that date.”

After all the attention the brothers’ story received in the Maine press, a half-sister turned up at Dow’s furniture with copies of her birth certificate and other documents proving their relationship.

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