Your Handwriting Could Show If You’re A Liar

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Forget polygraph tests or body language examinations to detect lies, your handwriting could give away if you’re telling fibs.

Psychologists have suggested that handwriting changes when someone is lying because the brain has to work harder to invent facts, which then in turn interfere with the normal writing process.

Researchers at the University of Haifa, Israel, asked 34 volunteers to write two short paragraphs, where in one they recalled a real memory while in the other a fictitious event.

he scientists then found those who wrote lies pressed harder on the paper, had longer pen strokes and produced taller letters than those telling the truth.

“In the false writing condition, the average pressure, stroke length and height were significantly higher than in the true writing condition,” the researchers said.

Scientists believe that handwriting tests to detect liars could be used to help validate loan application or even insurance claims in the future.


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