Bloodbot Stabs You, Because it Can…Well, Most of the Time

Posted By Ben Goulding, 16 September, 2009 | permalink


Technological improvement is usually great, but the invention of the bloodbot may have taken things a bit too far.

Wired posted a gallery on Friday of surgical robots, and Bloodbot here caught my eye, largely because it seemed to be the most practical. The robot consists of an arm with a needle and a probe. In order to find an accessible vein, the robot probes around your arm until it finds an area of flesh that is a little bit less squishy than the rest. Then it jabs you with a needle, and when it feels a little pop indicating that it’s punched through into a vein, it knows to stop the jabbage, lest it go right through the other side of your vein, out the back of your arm, and into your femoral artery, causing a massive amount of hemorrhaging that will no doubt kill you in minutes.

So far, the robot is accurate about 78% of the time.

78% accurate? Are you kidding me?!!! That means that there’s a 22% chance that I would probably die. In the future, when accuracy rates reach ~100%, then maybe I’d consider, but until then, it would be safer to play Russian Roulette, whilst climbing up a live pylon in the middle of Baghdad.


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