River Thames Removed From London Tube Map

Posted By Ben Goulding, 15 September, 2009 | permalink


The iconic London Underground map has been redrawn to remove the River Thames.

In one of the most drastic alterations since it was devised in 1933, transport bosses have decided to “de-clutter” the Tube map by removing the capital’s river.

The concentric rings of numbered zones, which indicate the likely cost of a journey, have also been removed, while limited service routes are now represented with single colour rather than dashed lines.

Take a look at this Flickr Stream to look at the comparison.


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Asswass September 15, 2009

Hey Ben, I went to London this february for 4 days and I think that I memorized that map from corner to corner lol.

Ben September 15, 2009

lol, that’s awesome! I literally have no clue about the underground. When I’m in London I’m so reliant on the people I’m with.

Why did you come to London by the way? It can’t have been for the weather, that’s for sure.

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