Crime Rates Drop in 08, Video Game Sales Increase

Posted By Ben Goulding, 15 September, 2009 | permalink

Video games get a bad rap. They are seen a big influence of the young people of society, causing them to get involved with drugs, gangs and crime, however the correlation of crime to video game sales in 2008 tells a different story.

US Crime 2008

One word of warning, the numbers shown here, all pulled from NPD and the FBI, are meant to only show changes over time. They should not be used to compare totals because I had to re-fame the “per thousands” on them to get all of the numbers (which range from the thousands to the billions) to show up on one chart.


Now, of course, there are many other variables to consider when looking at crime rates, but this goes out to the nut-cases out there who are adamant that the sole reason for juvenile crime is video games. Am I wrong?

Link (Thanks Matt!)

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Matt - Zero 2 Hero September 15, 2009

haha, obviously if you’re too busy on xbox live, or farming on WoW…how are you going to go outside to rob somebody???

Whoever said video games were bad for society was clearly proven wrong :)

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