Kanye West’s Outburst For Beyonce At MTV Video Music Awards Already Parodied

Posted By Ben Goulding, 14 September, 2009 | permalink

Did you see it? Kanye West jumped onto the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards after Taylor Swift won Best Female Video and let the world know that he thought Beyonce made one of the best videos of all time…A-W-K-W-A-R-D!

His outburst has already been made into an Obama spoof. Check it out.

(Youtube Link)

So should Kanye have shown some restraint and respect to Taylor Swift, or was he within his rights to voice his opinions? Either way, it’s got him what he ultimately wanted – publicity.

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Matt - Zero 2 Hero September 14, 2009

I couldn’t believe he did that… If I was Taylor I would have called up the security with the mic.

I think it said somewhere that he was drunk at the event. Not sure.

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