Carrier Pigeon ‘Faster’ Than Internet Broadband

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Broadband has been a revolution in the transfer of data and communication, however a carrier pigeon in South Africa has proved to be faster.

A South African information technology company on Wednesday claimed it was quicker for them to transmit data with the pigeon than to send it using Telkom, the country’s leading internet service provider.

Internet speed and connectivity in Africa’s largest economy are poor because of a bandwidth shortage. It is also expensive.

The 11-month-old pigeon, Winston, took one hour and eight minutes to fly the 50 miles from Unlimited IT’s offices near Pietermaritzburg to the coastal city of Durban with a data card strapped to his leg.

Including downloading, the transfer took two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds – the time it took for only four per cent of the data to be transferred using a Telkom line


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