9/9/09: Will The World End Today?

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Some pessimists have been claiming that today, on the ninth day, of the ninth month, of the ninth year of this millennium, the world will end, but as of now the world’s looking very much alive and well.

Some even believe that at the ninth hour, of the ninth day, of the ninth month, of the ninth year of this millennium, the world will end. So depending on where you are in the world and when you’re reading this, that time may have already passed. Phew!

The belief was that the world would be hit by a killer outbreak of swine flu or we would be sucked into a giant black hole by the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, while theorists in the UK thought that because the emergency services number is 999, the world would be struck by an emergency that we wouldn’t be able to overcome, hence leading to our demise.

Well don’t worry people, only a few more hours and there’ll be another huge gap until the next slightly superstitious date appears on our calendars. I haven’t spoked to soon, have I?

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Benjamin Cip September 9, 2009

How about…2012? I don’t think about the end of the word. According to the Maya Calendar, some people think it will be the begining of a new cycle rather than “the end”… some also talk about the return of Nibiru… if you are interested in such thing, you should search for “sitchin” on the internet, you’ll certainly find information about this author and work. It’s amazing! Just give it a try!

Jacob Yap September 10, 2009

Haha, It’s 10/09/2009 today. We’re safe. Well, I think the world won’t end in an unpredicted way.

Ben Goulding September 10, 2009

Thanks for that Benjamin, I’ll take a look at that. I recently wrote a post regarding the Mayan calendar ending on Dec 21, 2012. It’s quite interesting, but I personally don’t believe in it.

@Jabob. Phew! We survived. The world was also supposed to end on 01/01/00, 1999, 06/06/06 to name but a few dates. The next one is in 2012. :)

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