New PS4 Game Console Design

Posted By Ben Goulding, 8 September, 2009 | permalink

Designer Tai Chiem, has a clear vision (literally) for the future of the PlayStation, with his PS4 design that’s made from glass.

PS4 1
PS4 2
PS4 3

As the designer expects, the Playstation 4 will sport a high end touch screen rather than glossy body that the current generation gaming console sports. The CD ROM has a sexy placement and a gloss cover that can be customized would definitely be an added advantage, what say? Even the PS4 controllers are designed to perfectly match with the console and will sport a few touch screen options. From the images given, it seems that the gen next Play station will also have an embedded OLED screen, which makes this Playstation 4 game console here twice as cool as expected, right?

Do you like to glass look? It seems everything “futuristic” is made from glass, or is that just me? While some of you, I’m sure, will be drooling over the concept, I’m sure there are others who just won’t “get it”. Would making the PlayStation look this “pretty”, ruin it’s macho image, or would it give it that push it needs to move it into new markets? Or maybe it would just be keeping trend.


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