Derren Brown Will Predict The National Lottery Numbers Live On TV Before The Draw Takes Place

Posted By Ben Goulding, 8 September, 2009 | permalink

English magician and illusionist Derren Brown will aim to predict the results of the UK national lottery draw tomorrow night (09/09/09), live on television before the draw is made.

(Youtube Link)

Now, I’ve seen some of the stuff Derren has done, and it’s quite spectacular, but this is just crazy. How can he possibly predict the lottery numbers? There’s a one in 14 million chance of choosing the money balls!

I personally can’t wait to see this. It will either be a huge success, or he’ll look like a complete fool on television and his career will probably be ruined. Live on Channel 4 (UK), tomorrow night at 10.35pm, make sure you catch it.

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