50 Things That Are Being Killed By The Internet

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Internet Revolution. Image: masternewmedia

The internet has been the revolution of our time, and it’s generally changed our lives for the better. I mean, we have an eternity of information at our fingertips, can communicate with others around the globe at the click of a button as well as being able to bank and shop from our homes, and that’s just the start. But the internet is not all good and it does have it’s downsides. Take a look at this really cool article entitled “50 Things That Are Being Killed By The Internet” from the “Telegraph”.

Here’s a brief extract:

1) The art of polite disagreement
While the inane spats of YouTube commencers may not be representative, the internet has certainly sharpened the tone of debate. The most raucous sections of the blogworld seem incapable of accepting sincerely held differences of opinion; all opponents must have “agendas”.

2) Fear that you are the only person unmoved by a celebrity’s death
Twitter has become a clearing-house for jokes about dead famous people. Tasteless, but an antidote to the “fans in mourning” mawkishness that otherwise predominates.

3) Listening to an album all the way through
The single is one of the unlikely beneficiaries of the internet – a development which can be looked at in two ways. There’s no longer any need to endure eight tracks of filler for a couple of decent tunes, but will “album albums” like Radiohead’s Amnesiac get the widespread hearing they deserve?

Click the link for the full 50.


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Matt - Zero 2 Hero September 7, 2009

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Ben Goulding September 8, 2009

Thanks Matt. Oh yes, the pink. It might make a reappearance, you never know. You don’t think it was too camp then? lol

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