Spotty Soldiers Turned Away From US National Guard

Posted By Ben Goulding, 3 September, 2009 | permalink

The US National Guard is turning away aspiring members who are ‘too spotty’, in a move, pressurized by the Pentagon, to make it harder to enlist.

National Guard

“Under new rules, recruits will no longer be forgiven for offences such as theft, assault, driving under the influence or chronic lawbreaking. The Guard has also stopped issuing medical waivers, which allowed recruits to be admitted despite health problems as serious as an extreme food allergy and as minor as a painful bout of acne.”

Military officials say that the cuts are due to the economic climate, following a bloated force during years of successful recruitment, however there are suspicions that the reductions are part of an effort to shift the burden of fighting overseas onto the active-duty Army and ease the public outcry over the way that Guard units part-time soldiers normally called into action during hurricanes and other disasters at home have been sent on long, repeated combat tours in Iraq.


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